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37 Ways to Raise $37.32

As a non-profit, we at Mercury One we understand the importance of spending money wisely. That’s why we adhere to a strict budget, and thank you for entrusting us to be good stewards of your donations. ALL money donated to the Nazarene Fund will go directly to aid Christians being persecuted in the Middle East. Because of our high value of careful budgeting, we understand our supporters’ concerns regarding making donations.

Even if you allot funds for a charity when creating your monthly budget, after you donated once, it’s oftentimes no longer in your budget to donate again. This past year there have been many deserving opportunities to donate to natural disaster relief or a cause close to your heart, but we believe that now is the time to raise support for Christians in the Middle East. One supporter donated $37.32, it was all that he had saved, and now we are asking you to join our #Match3732 campaign and give that amount as well.

If your budget won’t allow you to donate, we encourage you to find creative ways to raise $37.32. Need help coming up with ideas? Here are 37 ways to raise $37.32 (or more!):

  1. Bake Sale
  2. Collect Donations at Work  Share the Never Again Is Now mission with your coworkers, many may be willing to donate!
  3. Car Wash
  4. Rent-A-Helper – Do you have a free Saturday? Offer to rent your time to help someone in your community with things like gardening or cleaning out their garage.
  5. Sell Something on Ebay
  6. Host an Outdoor Movie – Grab a projector and your favorite DVD, pop some popcorn, and invite the neighbors for an outdoor movie.
  7. Post Bail – At your next community event, “jail” a community leader. For the “prisoner” to be released, ask people for donations until you have reached $37.32.
  8. Offer a Course – Are you good at knitting, gardening, or painting? Many people would love to learn how to do those things. Offer a class teaching your best skills.
  9. Bingo Night
  10. Chili Cook-off
  11. Host a Bonfire – Do you have the space to hold a bonfire? Pick up some marshmallows and roasting sticks and invite your friends and family for $5 a family.
  12. Sell Something on Craigslist
  13. Yard Invasions – In your church community or neighborhood, start yard invasions. The fundraiser begins by a volunteer placing plastic flamingos (or scarecrows in the fall) in a member’s yard. The victim of the invasion can pay $10 to have the invaders removed or $15 to have them sent to a friend, and you can even offer yard insurance for $20. Just make sure that you let community members know it’s happening!
  14. Dog Walking
  15. Maid-For-A-Day
  16. Mile Markers – Do you consider yourself an avid runner? Challenge your friends to donate, for every $50 raised you’ll run a mile.
  17. Personal Shopper Service
  18. Fine Jar – Choose a word in your office or at your next neighborhood event that becomes the “fine” word. Anytime someone says the word they must put $1 in the fine jar. Make sure to choose a word that will get used a lot!
  19. Rake your Neighbor’s Leaves
  20. Ask for Donations from your Congregation
  21. Karaoke Night
  22. Kickball Tournament – Charge $40 per team of 8 players and set up a day long kickball tournament. Encourage local organizations to create a team!
  23. Pie the Pastor
  24. Recycle Scrap Metal 
  25. Tip Jar (employees donate their tips for the shift)
  26. Food Fight Fundraiser – This one is messy but fun! Host a food fight, preferably outdoors. Load up on cooked spaghetti, marshmallows, and pudding. Participants pay $5 to join.
  27. Parent’s Nights Out
  28. Lemonade Stand
  29. Pumpkin Chunkin’ – After Halloween, dispose of leftover jack-o-lanterns by having a pumpkin tossing competition. For $10 participants can throw a pumpkin down a hill. The pumpkin that goes the furtherest wins a pumpkin pie!
  30. Yard Sale
  31. Game Night – Host a game night where for $5 participants can play all sorts of games from board games to video games to relay games.
  32. Host an Local Concert
  33. Pajama Day – Ask your employer if you can host a pajama day where employees pay $5 to wear their PJs to work.
  34. Online Book Sale – Collect gently used books from friends and family, then sale on Facebook or in other online communities.
  35. Recycle Aluminum Cans
  36. Fish Bowl – Set a donation bowl out on the counter of your retail store or restaurant.
  37. Coffee Challenge – Challenge 10 friends to give up coffee for one day and instead donate $3.72.

Many of our supporters have already raised $37.32 and are sharing their stories on social. How did you raise the funds? Share your creative way for raising $37.32 with us in the comments below or on social using the hashtag #Match3732. We love to hear your stories and how you are spreading the hope and compassion of Never Again Is Now and the Nazarene Fund.

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