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Ashwaq’s Courage – Part 3

Ashwaq’s Courage – Part 3

The countdown to Christmas is on! In just three days, the world will celebrate the birth of our Savior. To commemorate the season, The Nazarene Fund is highlighting the TNF 10 – A Countdown to Christmas. Each day, we share compelling stories of rescuing, rebuilding, and restoring the lives of persecuted people – each one made possible because of your generous prayers and financial support.

Ashwaq’s Next Steps

We’ve already introduced you to Ashwaq and shared parts of her extraordinary story. Ashwaq’s courage helped her overcome her fear of the ISIS terrorist gang that captured and abused her as a teen. Her courage spurred her to plan an escape and take others with her to freedom. Her courage continues to inspire the world as she works with The Nazarene Fund to help bring peace and justice to other persecuted Christians in the Middle East. Watch part three of Ashwaq’s story to see how your gift to The Nazarene Fund helps shape the future for this incredible young woman.

Thank you for being part of The Nazarene Fund’s life-saving work.

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