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Book of Life

The Nazarene Fund’s “Book of Life” Grows: 2,500 Yazidis Head to Australia

Our Goal: Help Save 14,000 by Dec 31st

Both Christianity and Judaism mention a “Book of Life” or Sefer HaChaim, which records the names of people destined for heaven – those people who have been saved from the fire.

We have a list of names, too: our very own “Book of Life.” In that book are 7,602 names – names like Isho, Elias, Merza, Aaod and Badal. Many of these names belong to former ISIS captives and their families. All have been persecuted or displaced by war and terror, but have come out alive, their spirits intact. Our list is not of those going to the next world. (Who can be the judge of that?) However, it is a list of those going to a new world.  

This month, we’ll add another 2,500 names to the list, representing the latest group of people The Nazarene Fund is helping to vet, secure, and transport to Australia in partnership with the Australian government. We are helping these people escape the war, violence, and subjugation that have become the norm in their home countries of Syria and Iraq. We are helping to save them. You are helping to save them.

Since 2015, The Nazarene Fund has assisted in the resettlement of over 7,600 Christians, Yazidis, Zoroastrians and Mandaens. Most have settled in Australia, but others have put down roots in Canada, Slovakia, Brazil, and the United States. Currently, we are also assisting a group of Iranian asylum seekers stranded in Austria. Soon the numbers in our very “Book of Life” will grow to over 10,000.

Our efforts are made possible by you. You took a chance and supported our lofty goal of saving those persecuted by ISIS and other Islamic Extremists: a goal to which few – including governments around the world – would aspire.  

Rather unbelievably, we’ve done more than relocate close to 10,000 asylum seekers to new homes. We’ve offered humanitarian aid to 45,000 people, moved close to 5,500 out of refugee camps and into dignified living conditions, and rescued 122 from the very clutches of ISIS and reunited them with their families. We’ve also built and restored clinics, schools community centers, and churches around the world. We’ve come a long way from one of our first rescue missions, when we evacuated 149 Iraqi refugees to Slovakia in December 2015.

By the end of 2018, our goal is to move an additional 4,000 persecuted people, bringing our total list to 14,000. These 4,000 are Christians and Yazidis who are being brutalized by extremists and have no future in the chaos of Syria and the disputed territories of Iraq.

We need your help to accomplish this next mission. Please join us by donating to The Nazarene Fund, and help us add names to our “Book of Life”: our Sefer HaChaim. Together we will save even more from the fire.

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