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Breaking News: Mercury One Sponsored Operation Rescues Yazidi Children from ISIS Nazarene Fund Donors Help Reunite Another Separated Family

Breaking News: Mercury One Sponsored Operation Rescues Yazidi Children from ISIS

A Mercury One sponsored operations team successfully rescued two Yazidi children, ages six and nine from their ISIS captors early this morning. The operation, launched last week by a Mercury One partner organization (name withheld to protect their confidentiality) and funded by Mercury One, went deep inside Islamic State territory and took several days to complete.

“This operation was one of the most challenging our people have faced,” said Michael Powell, Director of Operation for Mercury One’s The Nazarene Fund. “The depth in which they penetrated into ISIS territory alone made it incredibly risky.”

The young brother and sister crossed into friendly territory early Friday and were reunited with their ecstatic family. The rescue was made possible by the donors and supporters of Mercury One’s The Nazarene Fund.

The Nazarene Fund was launched in 2015 with a mission to rescue, rebuild and restore the lives of Christians and other religious minorities persecuted and displaced by ISIS. Since its founding The Nazarene Fund has assisted over 25,000 people in a variety of ways including providing emergency food, water and shelter, housing, hygiene kits, security vetting, immigration support, transportation and rescue missions.

Mercury One credits its donors for making The Nazarene Fund a success.

“We are so thankful to our donors who passionately support Mercury One,” said Mercury One Executive Director Suzanne Bock-Grishman. “Without their support and prayers these children would still be held by their ISIS captors. We cannot thank them enough.”

Video footage and more details to follow next week.

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