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Celebrating One Year of The Nazarene Fund

This week, we are celebrating one year since the launch of The Nazarene Fund. On August 28, 2015, Glenn Beck introduced the world to The Nazarene Fund during Restoring Unity in Birmingham, Alabama. The goal is simple: resettle persecuted Christian and religious minority families targeted for genocide in the Middle East so that they can live in peace. At its inception, Glenn’s challenge was to rescue and restore 400 families so that they may once again foster their heritage and culture and rebuild their lives. He challenged us to stand, speak and act for self-evident truths as we declare Never Again Is Now. While ISIS uses the nun symbol to mark the homes of Christians for death, we use the nun symbol to represent life.

Romans 12:21 says to not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good. Together, we are fighting against the forces of darkness by shedding light through love and support to refugees who feel hopeless and lost. Because of your support, Mercury One has surpassed its initial goal and has recused and restored 594 families which totals 11,621 individuals.

France 1 5
Slovakia 34 151
Australia 69 321
Fallujah, Iraq 9,090* (Humanitarian Aid)
Iraq* B2A 218 880
Iraq* A2A 264 1,120
Iraq 6 (Yazidi Families) 48
United States 1 1
 Lebanon 1 5
 Total: 594 11,621


2,053 people/489 families people resettled in the Middle East
478 people/ 105 families rescued out of the Middle East
9,090 people received aid in the Middle East

*Brazilain Sports Center to Ainkawa
*Ashti to Ainkawa

Since the launch of The Nazarene Fund, we could have never imagined just how amazing the journey would be. From the first rescue of 149 Iraqi Christians in December 2015, to performing high risk rescues of girls and women from the hands of ISIS, none of it would be possible without you!

Although we surpassed our goal of rescuing 400 families, our mission has only begun. We are eager to see where God will take us this next year as we continue to rescue and restore religious minorities.

We assure you that your support is not going unnoticed. Refugees tell us how grateful they are of Mercury One donors who are helping them through The Nazarene Fund. Your support is an answer to their prayers.

An an organization, we say “thank you.” Thank you for your support. Thank you for making this mission possible. Thank you for helping us bring hope and dignity to people who are suffering and vulnerable. Thank you for trusting Mercury One to do this work in your name.

We are truly blessed.

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