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Change A Life This Holiday Season

Your Support Means More This Holiday Season

The Middle East is on fire and, once again, our Christian and Yazidi brothers and sisters are being persecuted because of their faith.

The latest danger comes from the Turkish invasion of northern Syria that has destabilized the entire region, displaced 100,000 civilians, freed over 1,000 ISIS fighters, and allowed fundamentalist militias to torture and murder at will. But thanks to you, The Nazarene Fund is making a difference.

Thanks to you, The Nazarene Fund was among the first on the ground in this chaotic situation.

Thanks to you, we evacuated the first at-risk 198 Christians and Yazidis out of the war zone.

Thanks to you, 198 mothers and daughters, brothers and sons are safe this holiday season.

Thanks to you, The Nazarene Fund continues to rescue, rebuild, and restore the lives of the victims of violent extremism.

Your financial support and prayers make it possible for The Nazarene Fund to carry out its mission. We know you are with us when our team deploys into danger.

If you follow us on social media, you’ve met Christine. Five years ago, her family’s home was invaded by ISIS. The three-year-old was pulled from her mother’s arms, taken captive, forced into slavery, and mistreated, beaten, and abused on a daily basis. The Nazarene Fund rescued Christine from her captors and reunited the vulnerable family to Jordan and supported them as they rebuilt their lives. And just last week, The Nazarene Fund transported the family to Australia where they have received asylum.

Thanks to you, Christine and her family are safe and able to practice their faith in a new home. In Christine’s own words, “Thanks to The Nazarene Fund, I am free.”

Your life-changing gif to The Nazarene Fund will ensure that others will be delivered. Please donate online at

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