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COVID-19: $50 Feeds a Family For a Month

$50 Helps TNF Feed a Family For a Month

Who are these families we are helping in the Middle East?

We have told you that during this global health crisis, $50 feeds a family of five for an entire month.

Sometimes the situation in the Middle East feels so far removed from our own lives that it’s difficult to imagine it has anything to do with us. But it does have to do with us — especially those of us who are Christian.

Please watch this video from our CEO, Tim Ballard, as he sheds light on the deep heritage of the people we are rescuing in the Middle East.

We are rescuing innocent Christians and Yazidis.

These are the Christians who come from ancestors converted at the feet of Christ himself. They live in the biblical lands that were their home long before the borders of modern countries like Iraq, Syria, and Iran even existed.

Sadly, they are also the last thought of — and the first to be cast aside — during any war.

In this ISIS conflict, they are being pushed out, kidnapped, and exploited as sex slaves. They have come under fire through no fault of their own.

Everybody helping them has left.

The Nazarene Fund was already one of the only groups rescuing these families from ISIS. Then this global COVID-19 pandemic struck — and now it’s even more difficult.

The other aid workers, the government agencies, and the embassies that we relied on to move these people out of the Middle East have shut down.

But The Nazarene Fund is still there.

Thanks to your generous support and prayers, we have:

  • Delivered food, hygiene kits, and cleaning products
  • Disinfected churches and public buildings
  • Delivered life-saving medication to refugees
  • And more throughout this crisis

There are families running from war who are stuck between borders that closed when COVID-19 hit. They can’t get to safety on their own — but we can get to them.

We have ways to bring food, water, hygiene kits, and hope to these people in need.

We just need your help to do it.

$50 provides one month of food to a family of five.

We know this is a tough time for many. If you are unable to give financially, we ask for your faithful prayers as our operators provide aid through this crisis. If you are in a position to help, please make a difference with us.

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