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COVID-19: This Pandemic Will Not Defeat Our Strong Faith

This Pandemic Will Not Defeat Our Strong Faith

He would never say it, but Middle East Operations Manager Jawad Abou Jaoude is one of the heroes. Jawad has devoted his life to helping others, and he leads The Nazarene Fund’s efforts in The Middle East.

His work has helped tens of thousands of people fleeing war, persecution, and death.

Jawad served alongside the U.S. Army for eight years during some of its most challenging and dangerous campaigns. During that time, he learned some valuable lessons — lessons that he draws upon today to guide him as he faces new challenges. One of those lessons is to never leave anyone behind.

Jawad discusses the importance of why we cannot abandon the Christians in The Middle East.

He says that he learned some of the most important lessons in his life during that challenging time. One of them is to never leave anyone behind.

Now, during this crisis, we cannot leave one Christian behind.

We cannot let them starve. We cannot let mothers, sisters, and daughters go to work in sex slavery. We cannot stand idly by as so many forgotten families suffer.

There are parents who are not eating at night, forgoing their own sustenance in hopes that their children will be able to survive.

There are families running from war who are stuck between borders that closed when COVID-19 hit.

There are countless innocent lives experiencing unimaginable suffering.

But we have the power to help.

$50 provides one month of food to a family of five.

Our operators are still on the ground in The Middle East. We have ways to bring food, water, hygiene kits, and hope to these people in need.

The Nazarene Fund continues to:

  • Provide supplies
  • Disinfect churches and public buildings
  • Deliver life-saving medication
  • And more

But we can’t do it without you. As this pandemic shuts down whole countries, economies, and borders, it has made a difficult mission even more challenging.

Please consider joining us in our mission.

We know this is a difficult time for many, and we are keeping each and every one of you in our prayers. Every donation, prayer, and act to spread the word helps.

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