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Ephraim Mattos Discusses Relief Efforts in Burma

Ephraim Mattos Discusses Relief Efforts in Burma

At this moment, the Karen people in Burma are facing severe persecution at the hands of the Burma Army, which is actively campaigning to cleanse the country of religious and ethnic minorities. Since 1949 — the beginning of this ruthless genocide — tens of thousands of Burmese people have been murdered and millions more have been displaced.

While The Nazarene Fund has in the past focused on restoring the human spirit in the Middle East, we couldn’t ignore the suffering of the Karen people and other minorities in Burma, and we’re dedicated to doing everything we can to help.

This week, Ephraim Mattos — current Director of East Asia Operations at White Mountain Research — joins Glenn Beck on his radio show. Mattos, who organizes and conducts humanitarian rescue and relief operations on behalf of The Nazarene Fund, recently returned from a trip to Burma, where he worked to aid and defend the Karen people.

During the show, Mattos details the plight of the Karen people, many of whom have been forced to live in squalor in refugee camps, and describes what The Nazarene Fund is doing to help. While many international aid organizations have ignored their suffering, The Nazarene Fund has provided both food and much-needed medical aid and is actively working to keep them in their homes and out of refugee camps.

During their discussion, Glenn and Mattos also touch on Ephraim’s riveting story, opening with a viral video of Mattos rescuing a young Iraqi girl from a pile of rubble and human carnage as machine gun fire pops around him. Mattos — a former Navy SEAL and sniper — was shot during the mission, but made a full recovery.

Watch Glenn and Mattos’ conversation below, and tune in to Glenn’s radio show here from 9 am-noon ET to stay updated on The Nazarene Fund’s efforts to help the Karen people in Burma. If you feel moved to play a role in ending their persecution, we invite you to donate The Nazarene Fund by clicking here. They need our help now more than ever, as the Burma Army prepares for another massive attack against them.

Thank you for your unwavering support as we expand our mission from ending religious persecution in the Middle East to rescuing and restoring the human spirit throughout the world. You are truly helping to save lives!

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