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Ephraim Mattos Discusses the Karen Genocide in Myanmar

Ephraim Mattos Discusses the Karen Genocide in Myanmar

Today on Glenn Beck Radio

While the main focus of The Nazarene Fund has been, over the past three years, to help Christians and other religious minorities persecuted in the Middle East. We now are beginning to broaden our reach to ease the suffering of others around the world. Near the top of the list of people who need support are the religious minorities in Myanmar (Burma).

The Burmese military has been waging an active campaign to displace its nation’s ethnic and religious minorities: most notably the Rohingya, but also the Kachin, and now the Karen people, who live primarily in the jungles of eastern Myanmar along the Thai border. This group — 15% of whom are Christians — are currently taking the brunt of Myanmar’s campaign of ethnic cleansing.

Today on his radio show, Glenn Beck is joined by Ephraim Mattos, current Director of East Asia Operations at White Mountain Research, where he organizes and conducts humanitarian rescue and relief operations in Asia on behalf of The Nazarene Fund. Mattos, who recently returned from Myanmar, will discuss the Karen conflict and what The Nazarene Fund is doing to help.

Listeners will also learn more about Mattos’ fascinating story. A former Navy SEAL, Mattos left the military in 2017 to volunteer with a group called the Free Burma Rangers in Mosul, Iraq. There, he provided frontline triage medical services and food delivery to both Iraqi civilians and the Iraqi Army as they struggled to take Mosul from ISIS.

A former sniper, Mattos also provided cover from ISIS’ fearsome fighters, all of whom were equipped with far better weapons than the often-defective firepower available to Mattos. Many of the risks he took were practically suicidal – rushing against heavy sniper fire to save the elderly, children, and sometimes even former ISIS families who ISIS had turned against. Mattos gained worldwide attention after his rescue of an Iraqi girl went viral on the internet and on mainstream media. He was shot during the mission but made a full recovery. 

Hear Mattos’ story and learn how you can help the Karen people of Myanmar by listening to Glenn’s radio show here from 9am – noon ET. We also encourage those moved by Mattos’ story and our efforts to help the Karen people in Myanmar to donate to The Nazarene Fund. We need your help now more than ever, as our mission expands from ending the persecution of Christians and Yazidis in the Middle East to rescuing and restoring the human spirit of those being persecuted throughout the world. You are helping us save lives — thank you!

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