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Ephraim Mattos Discusses First Aid Mission to Support the Karen People

Ephraim Mattos Discusses First Aid Mission to Support the Karen People

The Nazarene Fund just completed its first aid mission to support the Karen people on the Thailand-Burma border. The Karen are a Christian minority in Burma that are routinely persecuted by the Burmese military which is waging a campaign of ethnic cleansing of all the country’s religious minorities. The Karen live in very remote locations in Eastern Burma. Their villages have been burned and their people murdered. Many have fled to the Thai border and are living in refugee camps.

These locations are very remote and the Burmese Government does not want outside groups assisting the Karen because that sort of contact exposes the atrocities they have committed.

But, as always, The Nazarene Fund goes places where governments cannot or will not and we just delivered 11,000 pounds of rice to some of the 30,000 refugees in the Mae La camp who are in desperate need.

The residents of the camp are now living on half rations because the international aid community is not supporting them.

Persecuted Christians not being supported by international aid agencies – imagine that.

The Nazarene Fund’s Manager of East Operations Ephraim Mattos just returned from this mission. He was recently interviewed by Fox News on how U.N. aid meant to help refugees and persecuted people often ends up in the hands of dictators and the actual persecutors. Ephraim was featured in the story and The Nazarene Fund was mentioned as an effective aid group working to help the Karen and others.

Ephraim also appeared on The Glenn Beck’s Show to discuss our work. He showed Glenn some disturbing photos from a previous Burmese Army attack on the Karen. We have these photos here. Be advised: these photos contain disturbing images of murdered men, women and children. Please view with discretion.

Thank you for caring about persecuted Christians.

Thank you for being part of the solution.

Thank you for standing up and saying “Never Again Is now!”

To view the photos mentioned in the video above, visit WARNING: These photos contain extremely graphic and disturbing images of the slaughter and should not be shown to children.

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