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Help The Nazarene Fund Rescue the Khoury Family from Idlib, Syria

Update From The Nazarene Fund

We are happy to report the successful rescue of Michel El Khoury, his wife and two daughters from Idlib, Syria. 

The Christian family was extracted and transported safely out of the conflict zone and to safety in Iraq. The Nazarene Fund is currently housing them and providing for their needs. 

Thank you for supporting our work as we continue to rescue, restore and rebuild the lives of Christians, Yazidis and other minority communities who are persecuted for their faith. 

Know that our team is committed to the mission.

Help The Nazarene Fund Rescue the Khoury Family from Idlib, Syria

The Nazarene Fund has launched its next rescue operation in Idlib, Syria to help another Christian family trapped by the heavy fighting between the Russian-backed Syrian regime and militias supported by Turkey.

Christians in Idlib, a province in Northwest Syria near the Turkish border, are the most vulnerable in the conflict. As the last rebel stronghold of the 9-year war, Idlib has seen over 3 million refugees flood its borders. Due to the Syrian Army’s offensive which began last December, 1 million of those people are now living without shelter, medicine, or food.

Michel Khoury is a Syrian Christian married with two daughters. His work consisted of farming his land near Suwayda, Syria. When the Syrian Civil War started in 2011, Michel continued farming despite escalating hostilities in the region. He was kidnapped and ransomed on two different occasions by masked gunmen.

In 2013, Michel’s situation in Suwayda became unbearable and the family decided to leave – fearing for their daughters’ lives after receiving repeated threats. They left their house at night, sneaking out of town and settling in a village named Latanya along the border of the Idlib and Aleppo provinces in northern Syria. Michel began anew working the land and struggling to provide food for his family.

When war broke out again in this area, the battles were so fierce that Michel didn’t know who was fighting whom. The sound of the continuous bombing terrified his girls. They were stuck in their house unable to leave fearing to be killed or kidnapped.

The Nazarene Fund is attempting to extract the family and bring them to safety. Please pray for Michel and his family as they begin this difficult journey.

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