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Make a Life-Changing Impact on Giving Tuesday

Make a Life-Changing Impact on Giving Tuesday

It’s Giving Tuesday, and on this global day of philanthropy, we have an opportunity to demonstrate the power and compassion of The Nazarene Fund community.

Today there is a 16-year old Yazidi boy, Sangar, who may die if he doesn’t get medical care now. Last spring, during the siege of Baghuz, Syria, Sangar was severely wounded by shrapnel in his legs and chest.

In 2014, Sangar was kidnapped by ISIS at age 11. He was repeatedly beaten, tortured and forced to convert to Islam. He endured five years by sheer resolve before he was rescued. Today, his doctors say the shrapnel in his legs and chest are poisoning him. If Sangar doesn’t have surgery soon, it will kill him.

$12,000 covers the cost of Sangar’s surgery, medicine, therapy, and post-operative care.

Donate here to help us save this young man and make a real, life-changing impact today. We will post an update soon. Thank you for your generosity.

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