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Making a Difference Through Humanitarian Aid in Israel

Making a Difference Through Humanitarian Aid in Israel

Supporting those in need in Israel is a major component of Mercury One’s Humanitarian pillar, as Israel is one of our nation’s greatest allies. We assist in aiding services and programs that benefit schools, orphanages, and humanitarian organizations –  Israel is where our story began,  both for Christians and Jews, and it’s critical for us to come to their aid. We’re lucky to have an incredible group of people on the ground in Israel, bringing this mission to life. Here is an update on our Israel efforts from our dear friend, Tisha Michelle.

Thanks to Mercury One, it has been an exciting few weeks delivering food, clothes, shoes, and educational/recreational supplies to under-privileged children’s centers throughout the north of Israel. With your donations we were able to provide needed assistance to children in the Safed center, two centers in Hatzor, two centers in Kiriat Shmona (near the Lebanese border), Gush Halav center (Christian Arabs near the Lebanese border), two Carmiel centers, two Afula centers, Bet Shean center, Tiberias centers, two centers in Nazereth Ilit, and two centers in Migdal Ha Emek. How wonderful it was to see the joy in these children’s eyes when we delivered their new outfits and gear! It was priceless! The children made thank you letters and gifts in appreciation.

The teachers were deeply moved and (continued) to express their gratitude for what has been done to help these dear children. One teacher said these supplies were a godsend and told of how she had been pleading for assistance from individuals and businesses in her city to help these children. She warmly expressed that Mercury had provided the best presents these children had ever received. These centers are quite spartan and operate with bare essentials. They are a haven for children who live with poverty and a difficult home life They provide children with love and kindness, a hot meal and a safe environment. The centers take in some of the hardest hit children in their cities, many who go home to empty refrigerators.

One of the teachers told us about a little boy in the center that was scared to tell his mother he was hungry because they had no money for food and had to ration what they had. Obviously, this was one of the families that received help with groceries! There are many heartbreaking stories in these centers. There was a brother and sister (Ethiopian immigrants) in one of the centers that have just lost their mother and their father is barely making it. They had many needs at home. Many of these families have basic individual needs at home as well, such as food, clothes, mattresses, stoves, refrigerators, blankets, heaters and much more.

We were able to purchase much needed supplies for some of the centers including computers for the Hatzor centers, the Tiberias center, the Carmiel center and the Bet Shean center to help the kids do their homework and get tutoring. The Tiberias center also needed a printer, refrigerator, television, dvd, seating area and stovetop to cook meals for the kids. The Kiriat Shmona area needed a dining table and chairs for the kids, as well as a dvd. They also need desperate help with their playground, as do many of the centers, but that will be a future project. The Safed and Bet Shean centers desperately needed a stove in order to cook for the kids. All of these things have been supplied. And the work continues!

We were also able to help assist 31 of their families with desperately needed groceries. In cooperation with Mayor Ilan Shohat and the Welfare office in Safed, we were able to get 70 additional families in the hard hit cities of Safed and Bet Shean assistance with groceries. People have been touched beyond belief at the support and love for Israel and her people. With the current situation in Israel, many people are being hard hit due to the decrease in tourism, an industry that many rely on. Today over one third of the children of Israel are living under the poverty level. Blessings to you for touching the Apple of His Eye – the least of these. Praying for your continuing help in blessing these dear children and Israel.

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