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Making Smiles

The Nazarene Fund Delivers School Supplies to Displaced Christian and Yazidi Children

Often it is small acts that have the most impact and last week, The Nazarene Fund made a big difference in the lives of some young children in Northern Iraq. It wasn’t a rescue or an evacuation. No one was in danger and the risk was minimal but the reward was nevertheless great.

Last week, The Nazarene Fund delivered over 100 school supply kits to Al Qosh Basic and Al Qosh Primary Schools. Located in the Christian Village of Al Qosh, Iraq, the school’s students are primarily Christian and Yazidi children between the ages of 4-14 who are originally from nearby Mosul who were displaced by the ISIS war. They can not return home because of the continue persecution they face thereby still active ISIS forces, their supporters and other groups that want to keep them out of their ancestral home.

The packages contained notebooks, pens, pencils, and other basic supplies that the students’ families are not able to acquire on their own. These supplies are critical for the students learning and academic growth as they look forward to a future of education and opportunity. The Nazarene Fund has been supporting these schools and others throughout the region for several years and this latest delivery was just one of many that will continue as we assist these displaced communities recovering from war and continuing persecution.

The students may have received the supplies, but they gave us the gift of their smiles. And that is the greatest reward.

Check out our video to see some of those smiles.

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