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Peace to the Persecuted

Peace to the Persecuted

The countdown to Christmas in on! In just 10 days, the world will celebrate the birth of our Savior.

To commemorate the season, The Nazarene Fund is launching in the TNF 10. Each day, we will share some of our favorite stories of rescuing, rebuilding and restoring the livings of persecuted people – each one made possible because of your generous prayers and financial support. We will also update you about our current projects, share what’s in store for 2020, and offer opportunities to extend your support of The Nazarene Fund.

“Mar Elia, the Inaugural Rescue”
In December 2015, The Nazarene Fund launched its first rescue mission: to evacuate 149 Christians from the Mar Elia Camp in Erbil, Iraq, and resettle them in Nitra, Slovakia. Fast forward four years to the present. This now-thriving community lives free from fear, free to practice their faith, and free from persecution. Watch this powerful video to see how these refugees’ lives have unfolded since The Nazarene Fund intervened, and what it means to continue to serve them.


Thank you for being part of The Nazarene Fund’s life-saving work.

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