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Match $37.32

“Don’t tell me there’s nothing you can do…” is a phrase you’ll soon begin to hear (if you haven’t already). These words are a cry for help, a pleading for more people to open their hearts, dig deep, and give what they can.

The phrase was born in Mercury One’s Dallas office when an unsuspecting package arrived: a jar full of coins. There was a letter inside from Joel, an Army veteran from Montana. Joel had saved all he could and wanted to use his money to save lives. The amount of money in the jar totaled $37.32. The touching letter from Joel struck a chord with Mercury One.

MATCH $37.32

Mercury One would now like to challenge you to match Joel’s contribution of $37.32. What creative thing can you do to raise that amount of money? You could have a yard sale, set up a lemonade stand, ask co-workers to donate money… the ideas are limitless. Start brainstorming!


Using the hashtag #Match3732, post pictures or videos or yourself raising money for the Match $37.32 campaign. Challenge your friends to do the same. Mercury One will re-tweet your posts and share your photos on Facebook.

We are relying on this campaign to help us reach our goal of raising $10 million by December. All proceeds raised will go directly to the Nazarene Fund, which is set up to help place Christian families in safe countries and out of the grips of ISIS. For more information on the Match $37.32 campaign, please visit our website.

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