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Merry Christmas, Christine

Merry Christmas, Christine

The countdown to Christmas is on! In just a few days, the world will celebrate the birth of our Savior. To commemorate the season, The Nazarene Fund is highlighting the TNF 10 – A Countdown to Christmas. Each day, we share compelling stories of rescuing, rebuilding, and restoring the lives of persecuted people – each one made possible because of your generous prayers and financial support.

“Free from Fear and Free to Worship”

Five years ago, Christine’s family home was invaded by ISIS. The three-year-old girl was pulled from her mother’s arms, taken captive, forced into slavery, and abused on a daily basis.

Following the liberation of Mosul in 2017 that brought her freedom, Christine ended up in a refugee camp with other orphans. The Nazarene Fund intervened to locate Christine’s family and reunited Christine with her parents. However, extremist groups continued to make life difficult for Christians who had returned to their homes in Mosul, and Christine’s family was vulnerable.

This past summer, TNF evacuated the family to Jordan, protecting them from imminent threat and supporting them as they began to rebuild their lives. And in recent weeks, TNF moved the family to Australia where they have received asylum.

Christine and her family are now safe and will spend their first Christmas free from war, fear, and persecution. Christine is receiving trauma counseling, language and cultural support, medical care, and much more. Watch this video to see how your gifts to The Nazarene Fund transform lives like Christine’s.

Thank you for being part of The Nazarene Fund’s life-saving work.

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