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Message From Tim Ballard

Thank You From Tim Ballard

Nazarene Fund’s CEO Tim Ballard has been a road warrior the past few weeks working with authorities in Mexico City and Port-Au-Prince on ending the scourge of human trafficking in their respective countries as well as checking in on The Nazarene Fund team’s operations when he visited Washington, DC, and Dallas.

The Nazarene Fund continues to operate full throttle assisting in the reunification of former captives held by the Islamic State (ISIS) in Syria with their surviving family member back in Iraq. This delicate and difficult transition after almost five years of abuse and slavery requires considerable time, energy and expertise. These women and children are some of the most vulnerable we have encountered after enduring not only the horrors of their captivity the longest but also from living in a sustained conflict environment of for the past year and a half. Every day, new survivors are delivered into The Nazarene Fund’s care including Shaha and her three children (pictured). They were taken by ISIS on August 4, 2014, and released on June 6, 2019.

The Nazarene Fund is also lending aid to struggling Christian communities in Nineveh where both ISIS remnants and Iranian-backed Iraqi militias continue to kill, abuse, extort and harass them with impunity. Unless these communities can re-establish themselves in their ancestral homeland, some of the most ancient bastions of 1st Century Christendom will be lost. We are supplying fuel, food and medical aid. Including the support of two elderly Christian women to Bartalla whose home was invaded by militia members and who suffered severe injuries from their attackers.

Tim took a moment to update our supporters and to let them know how much they are appreciated. Without them, the light of The Nazarene Fund could not be a beacon of hope to those suffering from persecution. Thank you!

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