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The Nazarene Fund I 2019 Mid Year Update

The Nazarene Fund – June Update

2019 has proven to be a busy time for The Nazarene Fund which means that, unfortunately, lives are still in danger, people are still suffering persecution, and there are children, taken in conflict, that are still missing. The Nazarene Fund is committed to continuing the fight and we will shine a light into the world’s dark places. Some of our successes this year include:

  • Rescued former Islamic State captives and reunited them with their families during and after the battle of Baghuz, Syria
  • Provided life-saving surgeries for Baghuz survivors
  • Provided relocation services and logistical support to thousands of displaced persons fleeing persecution
  • Rescued Christians fleeing the fighting in Northern Syria who were being assaulted on their way to safety in Iraqi Kurdistan by Iranian-backed militias.
  • Provided food, water, medicine, heating oil, and other supplies to thousands of refugees and displaced persons in Iraq, Lebanon, and Jordan.
  • Provided aid to the families of the church bombings in Sri Lanka
  • Provided security, counseling and elevated support to 11 special and sensitive cases of highly vulnerable and traumatized survivors
  • Provided aid and support to the impoverished Christians community in Baghdad
  • Secured and preserved evidentiary artifacts of Christian and Yazidi persecution suffered during the ISIS war. Some of which will be displayed at Mercury One’s upcoming 12 Score & 3 years Ago special exhibition
  • and much more…

we never get tired of saying it because it’s true – without the support of our donors, none of this would have been possible. Thank you for shining your light. May God bless you.

Take a look at our latest video to get a glimpse of what The Nazarene Fund has been doing in 2019.

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