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Nazarene Fund Update Tonight, On the Glenn Beck Program

Mercury One returned from Slovakia last week, as we visited the families you helped rescue last December. While in Slovakia, Father Douglas joined the team as he led mass for the families and confession on the weekend of Sunday of Mercy. The 34 families have truly experienced God’s mercy and grace. In celebration of being in their new homes, Mercury One and Peace & Good (our partner) put together a banquet dinner for the families. This was the first time the families united since they were in the processing center. Father Douglas led prayer before seminary students served dinner to the families. It was truly a wonderful evening celebrating life, hope, and a future.

While the families are integrating well in Slovakia, it is important to Mercury One to never strip them from their heritage and culture. We can’t force families to accept the Slovakian culture or try to become Slovaks. They are Iraqis. They are Christians. They are people who have free will just like us. The Chaldean, Aramaic, and Assyrian communities are where ancient Christianity took place and we must never forget that. The needs are great in Iraq, as Christians have sought refuge from ISIS in camps, just like Father Douglas’ camp.

Tune into TheBlaze tonight at 4:00/5:00 PM (ET) to watch the Glenn Beck Program as Glenn and the Executive Director of Mercury One provide an update on the Nazarene Fund and discuss the future of the fund. You will not want to miss!

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