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Organ Harvesting and Trafficking in Syria and Iraq

Organ Harvesting and Trafficking in Syria and Iraq

An update from TNF’s Chief Operations Officer. 

This week the U.K. newspaper “The Daily Mail” published a detailed story of two British subjects – one a physician, the other a pharmacist (chemist) – who reportedly joined ISIS, traveled to Syria and committed barbaric acts against patients under their care including the harvesting and transplanting of organs from civilians to wounded ISIS fighters, the sale of other organs on the international black marketand for torturing victims.  

This report mirrors the testimony from several survivors in Raqqa, Syria shortly after the capital of the ISIS caliphate was liberated by coalition forces, who told a team from The Nazarene Fund that organ harvesting was a constant threat and that people feared going to hospitals for medical treatment – even for non-life threatening conditions – because they might not survive the visit.  

Since 2017 The Nazarene Fund has been working to interdict organ harvesting and human trafficking as we continue our mission to rescue, rebuild and restore the lives of persecuted people. We are working tirelessly in The Middle East, Asia, Africa and around the world. Although there are more challenges on the horizon, with your continued support we will meet them head-on. 

The Nazarene Fund’s CEO Rudy Atallah gives an update on our latest project and what you can do to help.  

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