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The Nazarene Fund Rescues Yazidi Families from Syria Conflict

The Nazarene Fund Rescues Yazidi Families from Syria Conflict 

The Nazarene Fund has rescued 28 Yazidis fleeing the conflict in Syria earlier this week. The group of refugees rescued included both the elderly and infants who faced a harrowing 400-mile journey avoiding ground combat, airstrikes, and multiple checkpoints as well as walking through difficult terrain and scaling 12-foot barricades.

Traffic across the Iraq-Syria border is completely shut down and this is the first known recuse by any group since the conflict between Turkey and the Syrian Kurds began last week.

The Nazarene Fund’s Chief Operating Officer Rudy Atallah said, “The first families to cross the border from Syria to Iraq were rescued last night by the TNF team. All are safe and secure. ”

According to Atallah, “They have been processed by the UN and Kurdish authorities and are on their way to Dyhok and will remain under The Nazarene Fund’s care for the immediate future.”

Chief Executive Officer Time Ballard said,

“We are thrilled that this mission was a success. These families have been through a nightmare. We could not have done this without the support of our donors especially the support we received from our Founder Glenn Beck and his audience who, once again, have really come through for us. Thank you!”

Currently, there are other rescue missions in progress and The Nazarene Fund team is sending food and medical aid to Christians, Yazidi and Kurdish Civilians caught in the conflict. There is so much aid that The Nazarene Fund can provide and we need your help to do so. Please continue to donate to allow The Nazarene Fund to continue these ongoing rescue missions.

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