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Good Tidings of Health and Wellness

The countdown to Christmas is on! In just 9 days, the world will celebrate the birth of our Savior. To commemorate the season, The Nazarene Fund is highlighting the TNF 10 – A Countdown to Christmas. Each day, we will share some of our favorite stories of rescuing, rebuilding and restoring the lives of persecuted people – each one made possible because of your generous prayers and financial support. And in case you missed it, read yesterday’s kickoff story here!

“Sangar’s Life-Saving Surgery”
A few weeks ago, we asked you to help us raise $12,000 for the surgery and post-operative care for Sangar – a former ISIS captive wounded in the Battle of Baghuz and rescued by The Nazarene Fund last spring.

The 16-year-old Yazidi was being poisoned by the shrapnel that remained in his body following the battle. Not only did you answer the call, you helped us raise far over our financial goal allowing The Nazarene Fund to dispatch additional funds to directly aid the most vulnerable Christians and Yazidis recently rescued from Northern Syria who are under our care.

You gave Sangar the life-saving treatment he needs, including surgery, medicine, therapy and post-operative care.


Thank you for being part of The Nazarene Fund’s life-saving work.

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