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Saving the Next Generation


Saving the Next Generation

Generations are being saved because of you. Through The Nazarene Fund, we are able to rescue and restore persecuted Christians and religious minorities who have been targeted by genocide in the Middle East. This would not be made possible without your support and contribution to The Nazarene Fund.

Jonah, a 3-year-old Iraqi boy, was rescued with his family from Jordan in August and moved to Australia. As part of our program, we were able to fly Jonah and his family to Australia where they received resettlement assistance through our trusted partners on the ground. One of our partners captured footage of Jonah playing with his first toy car. The clip is in Arabic, but translation is not needed as the smiles express a thousand words.

Thanks to you, Jonah will not live in a country surrounded by war, terror, or fear; but, he will live in a country of peace, prosperity, and freedom. You are truly saving not only this generation, but future generations to come.

Please consider donating today.

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