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Say Thank You To The Slovakian Prime Minister

Last week, Mercury One provided an email address asking people to thank the Slovakian government for taking 149 of our refugees.

Back in August when we pledged to raise $10 million to help persecuted Christians in Iraq, we approached 25 countries about the possibility of taking in our refugees. Eleven of the countries, including the United States of America, immediately said no. Slovakia was the only country to hear us out and eventually made the decision to open their doors to these hurting people. We are so thankful for the courage and compassion of Slovakia’s leaders, and we would love for you to take part in saying thank you.


Want to take action? First, you can write an email thanking Slovakian Prime Minister, Robert Fico, for accepting the 149 Christian refugees. You can send your email of thanks to: We hope that many of you who donated will take a few minutes to personally thank this courageous leader for his stance in helping the families seek asylum.

Second, you can pray for the families in Slovakia and Iraq. Please pray for the success of the families as they are adjusting to their new life in Slovakia. Pray that God would bless them and make them a blessing by being an asset to the nation. Pray for the remaining families that are still in Iraq, that God would touch their hearts and surround them with His peace. Lastly, we ask that you pray for other world leaders to be moved with compassion and take action by accepting our Christian refugee families.

Thank you so much for all you have done to make the rescue possible. The journey has only begun! Mercury One is truly blessed to have faithful donors who are willing to stand with us as we declare, “Never Again Is Now.”

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