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The Faces of the Idlib Crisis

Help Persecuted People live free and worship safe from persecution


The Nazarene Fund is attempting to extract the family and bring them to safety. Please pray for Michel and his family as they begin this difficult journey.


Fighting in Idlib, Syria has intensified as the government forces of Bashar al Assad, backed by Russian land and airpower, seek to retake the Northwestern province from the rebel fighters there making a last, desperate stand. In addition, Turkey’s military, along with its client Islamist militias, who were implicated in war crimes violations in 2019, has joined the conflict. These groups have turned the campaign into a catastrophe displacing over 1,000,000 people since December. Once again, Christians and other minority communities are caught in the middle of these opposing forces and their situation is desperate.


The Nazarene Fund has launched rescue operations to save some of these Christian families and bring them to safety. Our team and their partners are on the ground and this mission is unfolding.


We need your help to continue to rescue, rebuild, and restore the lives of the victims of violent extremism. Your financial support and prayers make it possible for The Nazarene Fund to carry out its mission.


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