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The Real Story: Our Rescue of 149 Iraqi Christians

On August 28th, 2015, thousands of Americans stood united to declare “Never Again Is Now” in Birmingham, Alabama. During Restoring Unity, Glenn Beck launched the Nazarene Fund, along with a challenge to raise $10 million before Christmas to rescue 400 Christian families from the terror and persecution by ISIS, since the world has chosen to stand in silence while genocide is transpiring.

Due to Mercury One’s faithful donors, we were able to raise $10 million in two months, reaching $13 million in December. The sacrifices our donors have made to give to the Nazarene Fund in order for us to rescue these precious families, is absolutely astonishing and humbling. Words can’t even describe our gratitude for the incredible commitments and donations by our donors to Mercury One.

Before Christmas, Glenn Beck and Mercury One traveled to Erbil to meet Father Douglas’ camp and greet the 30 families who arrived to their new safe haven, Slovakia. ABC’s 20/20 aired a special before the holidays of how “two Americans” rescued 149 Christians from ISIS. They followed the two Americans and told their story, leaving Mercury One out of the picture. It was not “two Americans” saving Christians; it was thousands of Americans who saved 149 Christians by donating to the Nazarene Fund. ABC failed to report that the rescue was made possible because of the faithful audience and donors of Mercury One. They failed to report that donors sold their wedding rings, homes, property, jewelry, baked goods and more, in order to save the families. You made this possible! Because of you, 149 Christians arrived to Slovakia to begin their new journey in life. Your generosity and sacrifice has not gone unnoticed. The call is great, and Mercury One is proud to stand alongside you helping our brothers and sisters in Christ.

Tune into TheBlaze, Thursday, February 4th, at 4 PM/5 PM (EST) for a heartwarming episode on the Glenn Beck Program. See firsthand behind-the-scenes footage, of the sacrifice and testimonies these families went through to escape evil. We could not have done this without you. It is wonderful people like you who made this possible. The journey has only begun! Are you ready?

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