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The Nazarene Fund in Syria

The Nazarene Fund in Syria

Bombings in Syria have become so commonplace that Syrian citizens hardly react. The sad reality is that these catastrophic bombings have become a part of everyday life. Cities lie in shambles and cleanup and relief efforts can’t keep up. Even worse, the bombings have taken the lives of countless innocent citizens, leaving families displaced and broken.

Too often, children orphaned as a result of the bombings are taken against their will and forced into the human trafficking trade, or worse, sold to ISIS to be enslave or used for organ harvesting. Having nobody to look after them, these children are incredibly vulnerable, making them easy targets for traffickers. Not much has been done to help these children, that is, until now.

The Nazarene Fund have been working together to rescue those taken by ISIS for human trafficking and organ harvesting. During a recent reconnaissance mission in Syria, our operatives were able to save the life of a young girl who was in danger of being sold to ISIS after being orphaned as the result of an unexploded ordnance. The girl, only six years old, was with her mother when the explosion occurred. Her mother died instantly.

Typically, ISIS members would seize upon this opportunity, grabbing the girl off the streets as the dust from the bombing settled. On this day, however, The Nazarene Fund operatives on the ground witnessed the tragic bombing unfold and were able to intervene, saving this young child’s life. One of our operatives ran directly into the explosion debris to grab the child and carry her to safety.

The Nazarene Fund has moved this little girl to a shelter in a safe location and are involved with her recovery process, healing her physical and emotional wounds and providing extensive therapy. Because of the heroic actions of our operatives on the ground, this child is not at risk of being trafficked or harvested for organs like so many other children in Syria and other countries terrorized by ISIS.

Thank you to our operatives and to our donors who support them through The Nazarene Fund. Because of you, we are doing our part to stop human trafficking around the world. Stay tuned in the coming weeks as The Nazarene Fund receives further information regarding additional rescue missions in Syria and other countries under attack. If you wish to support the humanitarian and rescue efforts of The Nazarene Fund, please donate here.

Below is a video The Nazarene Fund captured while on a reconnaissance mission to Syria.


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