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Together We’ve Changed a Life

You did it! Nazarene Fund Donors Exceed #GivingTuesday Goal 

Once again, you have humbled us with your compassion, generosity, and faith in The Nazarene Fund.

On #GivingTuesday we asked you to help us raise $12,000 for surgery and post-operative care for Sangar –  a former ISIS captive wounded in the Battle of Baghuz and rescued by The Nazarene Fund last spring. The 16-year old is being poisoned by the shrapnel that remains in his body and he is in danger of losing his life if it is not removed.

The Nazarene supporters answered our urgent call and we are proud to report that we raised the funds to save Sangar. Thanks to you he will receive the life-saving treatment he needs.

Not only did you answer the call, you helped us raise over $50,000 in just one day. There are no other words to say than “thank you.”

We will use the additional funds to directly aid the most vulnerable Christians and Yazidis recently rescued from Northern Syria who are under our care. Most left everything behind as they fled for their lives when extremists overran their ancient homeland on their murderous rampage. 

Thanks to you, many will receive food, medicine, and support.   

Thank you for your generosity.

Thank you for rescuing, rebuilding and restoring the lives of persecuted people like Sangar.

Thank you for being part of The Nazarene Fund Team.

Yours in service,

The Nazarene Fund Team

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