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SAS Troops Find Severed Heads of 50 Women and Children.

SAS Troops Find Severed Heads of 50 Yazidi Women and Children.

There are no words to describe the emotions we are feeling at The Nazarene Fund today, but devastated is a place to start.

ISIS’s territorial caliphate is coming to an end, but 25,000-30,000 fighters have blended into the background in Syria, Iraq, Turkey and others have dispersed to Europe, Africa and Asia.

They are still carrying out attacks and kidnappings and are awaiting the opportunity to reassert themselves. When surrounded, they slaughtered 50 innocents that they could have easily freed. There is no limit to their depravity. The video below was taken when Syrian Kurdish forces excavated a grave near Baghyz, Syria where these remains and head of 50 women and children were found. **WARNING** video contains graphic content and imagery that may not be suitable for all viewers. View with caution

3000 Yazidis are still missing as well as an untold number of others from the minority communities that fell under their control. Find more information on this story here.

We are grieving with the Yazidi people and the rest of the world, but our resolve remains. We will not abandon those we are called to rescue.

Please pray for the souls of those lost. Pray for the safety those that remain. Pray those looking for them. Pray that justice is served.

Please help us find them by supporting The Narene Fund and our recovery efforts.

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