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For several years, ISIS has invaded peaceful communities in the Middle East and painted the Nazarene symbol on the door of people they seek to convert, extort, or murder. While ISIS uses the Nazarene sign to symbolize death, we use the sign to symbolize life. Mercury One is a US based humanitarian aid and education non-profit organization that established and administers The Nazarene Fund. The Nazarene Fund aids in the restoration of Christians and other persecuted religious minorities and their communities who have been targeted by ISIS for their faith.


In 2014, the Christian community in Syria and Iraq were facing the greatest calamity in its 2000 year history. The Islamic State (ISIS), exploded out Raqqa, Syria, the capital of its self-proclaimed Islamic State. In a lightning strike that surprised the world, ISIS forces captured Mosul, Iraq’s second largest city) and all of the nearby Nineveh plain – the traditional homeland of the region’s Christian Community. What followed was campaign of extortion, murder and displacement not only of the Christians but of other ethnoreligious minorities in the region. By 2015 a population of 3 million people was reduced to 300,000 – most of them displaced from their homes and fleeing to other countries.

In August of that year, Glenn Beck took the stage and the Restoring Unity rally in Birmingham, AL and declared the situation for what it was – genocide. Mercury One donors immediately responded and The Nazarene Fund was launched with a goal of rescuing 400 families. No one at the time that realized that a movement was born and over the course of the next 18 months. Mercury One has far exceeded its original goal and the numbers speak for themselves:




A New Focus

Fortunately, the tactical situation is changing. Coalition forces have liberated most of Nineveh, Mosul will soon be under allied control, an attack on Raqqa is imminent and Mercury One is shifting its focus from rescuing to rebuilding and restoring the lives and communities of these persecuted people.

We are so happy to shift this focus from providing immediate basic care for individuals to rebuilding and restoring communities by funding projects that will have a future impact on health and education for years to come.

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Mercury One Funded Projects

  • Medical Clinic in Beirut, Lebanon
  • Medical Clinic in Thesoliniki, Greece
  • School in Beirut, Lebanon
  • School in Athens, Greece
  • Mobile Trauma Center in Akre, Iraq
  • Trauma Center in Al Qosh, Iraq
  • Community Center in Nitra, Slovakia
  • Transport Van in Colombo, Brazil

As our mission continues to evolve both internationally and at home please continue to support all of Mercury One’s efforts by donating now:

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