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Our Mission

To liberate the captive, to free the enslaved, and to rescue, rebuild, restore and revive the lives of Christians and other persecuted religious and ethnic minorities wherever and whenever they are in need.

Our Operations

To keep from being lost or abandoned; retrieve; to move from a place of danger to a place of safety


Sponsored or conducted successful rescues to date of Christian and Yazidi women and children captured by ISIS and reunited with their families.


Total evacuated to date from conflict zones and unsafe locations to new home countries.


Special cases assisted to date where victims are in immediate danger and/or require a high level of care.

To build (something) again after it has been damaged or destroyed

Hand holding house icon

4 total churches and schools rebuilt to date

1 religious shrine rebuilding (in progress)

1 special project to collect and catalog artifacts of persecution in conflict zones


To return (someone or something) to a former condition, place or position

Refugee camp residents moved into dignified living conditions in safe locations


To improve the position or condition of someone

People fleeing conflict zones supplied with humanitarian aid (food, hygiene kits, blankets and water)

The Nazarene fund’s REACH



The Christian community in Syria and Iraq were facing the greatest calamity in its 2000 year history. ISIS exploded out Raqqa, Syria, the capital of its self-proclaimed Islamic State. In a lightning strike that surprised the world, ISIS forces captured Mosul and all of the nearby Nineveh plain. What followed was a campaign of extortion, murder and displacement of Christians and other ethnoreligious minorities in the region.

August 28, 2015

By 2015 a population of 3 million people was reduced to 300,000. On August 28, Glenn Beck takes the stage at the “Restoring Unity" event in Birmingham, Alabama. After several months of discussing the atrocities committed by the terrorist group Islamic State on his radio program, Glenn lays out a case that there is a Christian holocaust underway and the world is standing by in silence. The Nazarene Fund is born.

September, 2015

Mercury One launched the Match 37.32 challenge after receiving a jar full of coins at the Mercury One offices. The jar was sent by an Army Veteran named Joel who had saved all he could to help others. The donation became an inspiration to The Nazarene Funds and others were encouraged to match Joel’s donation of $37.32.

December 10, 2015

The Nazarene Fund conducted its first operation - moving 149 Christian refugees from Iraq safely into Slovakia, their new home!

December, 2015

The Nazarene Fund had set a goal to raise $10 million by the month of December. By the December TNF had reached $13 million in donations, surpassing its original goal and allowing TNF to rescue more families.

January, 2016

The Nazarene Funds begins four resettlement programs taking Iraqi and Syrian Christian refugees from The Middle East to Australia and Canada. The Nazarene Fund explores other safe harbors but is denied.

March, 2016

The Nazarene Fund conducts its first rescue operation deep inside ISIS occupied Syria to bring out the Younan family. Their father murdered and mutilated by ISIS, the mother and four daughters were on the run and being hunted. TNF operatives secured them in a midnight operation that required the team to travel through 28 checkpoints. The family was safely moved to Lebanon.

March, 2016

On Palm Sunday The Nazarene Fund received word that one of the rescued families in Slovakia welcomed a healthy baby boy named Andro. The number of refugees that we help is no longer 149, but 150.

March, 2016

The United Kingdom’s House of Lords recognizes Mercury One and The Nazarene Fund as one of the most effective NGOs assisting persecuted people in The Middle East.

March, 2016

The Nazarene Fund meets with church leaders in Iraq. A decision is made to pivot from trying to evacuate Christian refugees to helping them stay in their homeland, so that one of the centers of ancient Christendom would not be lost. Archbishop Bashar Wardas says, “you have saved lives and that is good. But now you can save a culture.”

April, 2016

The Nazarene Fund begins evacuating four refugee camps in Erbil, Iraq. 5492 residents are taken out of the camps and moved into private homes. The camps are eventually cleared and abated.

May, 2016

The Nazarene Fund begins supporting medical clinics, pharmacies, job training programs for refugee communities throughout The Middle East and Europe.

June, 2016

Alec Offenberger completes his bike ride across the United States in his efforts to raise money for The Nazarene Fund. After 8 months of riding, Alec surpasses his goal of $25,000 and raises $36,299 that he donates to help refugees and their families. Thank you Alec!

June, 2016

To date, we have rescued and restored 272 Families, totaling 1,100 lives.

June, 2016

Provided aid to 9,090 people fleeing Fallujah, Iraq, during the recent liberation.

June, 2016

The Nazarene Fund meets its first group of Yazidis. The Yazidis are living in shelters in a drainage ditch between a Christian settlement and a Muslim settlement. TNF moves the 48 residents into homes. The Yazidis tell the team about how they escaped the Shingal massacre and the plight of Yazidi people. The Nazarene Fund decides to help.

June, 2016

The Nazarene Fund takes on its first special case - “L.” Case L was on the run from her brother, an ISIS member. L had converted to Christianity and her brother was hunting her as an honor killing. L was kept in hiding and moved between safe houses as TNF tried to find her a new home country. In October she resettled in Brazil and was given a new identity.

July, 2016

TNF launches its second 40 day prayer challenge to remember the Restoring Unity event In Birmingham one year prior and to celebrate one year of The Nazarene Fund.

July, 2016

Resettled 155 Christians to Australia as they are reunited with their families.

August 28, 2016

This month celebrates one year since the launch of The Nazarene Fund. On August, 28, 2015, Glenn Beck introduced the world to The Nazarene Fund during Restoring Unity in Birmingham, Alabama.

April, 2017

In December TNF moved 149 people, 62 children and 25 families to Slovakia from their homeland Mar Elias to Slovakia. After almost 10 months of rebuilding and restoration, Mar Elias had been restored and the refugees were able to return to private homes and apartments that were funded by Mercury One.

October, 2017

Mercury One, along with Jeremy Lock and D’Andra Simmons, traveled to Iraq to document Ranen’s cochlear implant being turned on and to witness her very first time hearing. The Color Fest was the first large gathering of Kurdish young people (aged 13 to 30) celebrating ethnic, religious, and cultural diversity in the region. This festival took place a couple days before their Independence referendum vote.

March, 2018

The Nazarene Fund is on the ground in Syria performing reconnaissance missions. Operatives working with TNF are assisting in saving Yazidis and Christians captured for human trafficking or organ harvesting that is commonly happening throughout Syria.


Although ISIS has been defeated in Iraq, it still controls large swaths of territory in Syria (about 6000 sq. km.). Some of its foreign fighters have returned home or traveled to other countries to spread its violent jihad, while others remain in an attempt to hold on to the diminished caliphate. Locals fighters and sympathizers, still loyal to the ISIS cause, blended back into the population and continue to work on the terrorist organization’s behalf. The ISIS threat is still very real to the persecuted minorities of the region as well as to the thousands of captives and slaves under its control.

Adding another vile chapter to its dark history, ISIS and some of its former members are now involved in the international slave trade and organ harvesting and trafficking markets.

In the vacuum left by ISIS, new political players some just as ruthless as its predecessor have taken up the mantle of power. Also, nation-states such as Iran are heavily involved in the area and are making the lives of Christians, Yazidis and other minorities there very difficult and dangerous.

The Nazarene Fund is committed to continue supporting the persecuted minorities of the Middle East by searching for and liberating captives, providing aid to those who remain in the area trying to maintain their lives and culture, and by evacuating and resettling those who cannot remain due to the threat of violence they face. We have also expanded our operations to Africa and Asia and are assisting Christians there who are facing displacement, torture and death.

As our mission continues to evolve both internationally and at home please continue to support all of Mercury One’s efforts by donating.

building infrastructure graphic

125 total projects to date including:

Project (Highlights)

  • Anti-Trafficking Project – Syria
  • Nineveh Restoration Project – Rebuilding churches and schools in Nineveh – Iraq
  • Refugee medical services center – Greece
  • Refugee school – Greece
  • Surgeries for refugees and IDP’s – Erbil, Iraq
  • Refugee community center – Greece
  • Trauma center – Alqosh, Iraq
  • Emergency health care, food air and winter clothing – Iraq
  • Restore St. George’s church – Telskuf, Iraq
  • Vocational training center –Alqosh, Iraq
  • Refugee support services – Sydney, Australia
  • Refugee community engagement support – Melbourne, Australia
  • Mobile Trauma Counseling services – Iraq
  • Medical Clinic – Beirut, Lebanon
  • Refugee school – Beirut, Lebanon
  • Medical mobile outreach – Beirut, Lebanon
  • Food packets– Beirut, Lebanon
  • Food packets – Bekah Valley, Lebanon
  • Refugee community Center – Amman, Jordan
  • School, medical clinic and food aid – Amman, Jordan
  • Refugee family support – Amman, Jordan
  • Refugee food assistance – Amman, Jordan
  • Diapers and baby food assistance – Amman, Jordan
  • Refugee resettlement support – New London, ON, Canada
  • Refugee education and credential support – Sydney, Australia
  • Refugee support services – Sao Paulo, Brazil
  • Refugee transport van – Curitiba, Brazil
  • Lautenberg Christians – Vienna, Austria
  • Restoration of sacred sites – Iraq

Our Team

Tim Ballard

Tim Ballard

Lt. Col. Rudolph Atallah, USAF (Ret.)

Lt Col (Ret) Rudolph Atallah

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