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What does the logo stand for/mean?

In 2014, ISIS rolled through the Middle East. As these terrorists entered different cities across the region, they would offer ultimatums to the Christians and Yazidi’s that lived in these cities and towns. The offer they made was this:

Leave your homes or stay. But if you stay, you must convert to Islam and pay a fine, or you would face death.

With help from Muslim neighbors, ISIS would identify the homes and businesses of Christians and then mark their homes and businesses with the nun symbol in red paint.

The Nun

The nun is the 14th letter of the Arabic alphabet and equivalent to our letter “N.” The word nun stands for Nasara, or Nazarene which is a term in Arabic that expresses contempt or disapproval.

Once a sign of death…now a sign of hope

Evil terrorists used this symbol as a sign of fear of death and of destruction. But since TNF was founded, it is now a sign of hope, of peace and protection. We wear the nun as a sign of solidarity with our Christian brothers and sisters.

And more importantly, we wear the sign of the Nun to remember our Savior Jesus Christ, the Nazarene. We wear the nun to remember and exemplify our Savior. We are His hands and we are trying to serve our fellow men the way He wants us to serve them, even the least of these

It depends who is being rescued and where they are located.  Our goal is to relocate individuals to safety.  For instance, in Iraq we work with Kurdish authorities.

The same process happens for Christians that are rescued, but in many cases we also try to help the Christians rebuild their homes. Many Christians want to return to their homelands because their numbers in the region are dwindling quickly. Even with the threats that are present in the region, most Christian’s don’t want to leave and they want to return to their homes and rebuild their lives.

Yes. Glenn is not only the Founder of The Nazarene Fund, but he also sits on the board.

Your donations are used to rescue, feed and produce medical care for individuals and families. Funds are also used for modest rebuilding efforts for those who choose to stay in the region.

You can donate here (Donate) on the website under DONATIONS or at the bottom of every page.

For any issues processing your donation, or to make a change to your monthly contribution, please contact us at 972-499-4747 or by email at questions@mercuryone.org.

Please contact us at: 972.499.4747

Please share the story of The Nazarene Fund. Please also consider a donation to help us in our fight to rescue those who need our help. You may also sign up for updates by clicking the “get involved” button, or feel free to share with us your thoughts on what you can do to help The Nazarene Fund.

The Nazarene Fund is a proud member of the Mercury One family.  TNF is a specialized organization that focuses on rescuing and rebuilding lives in some of the most dangerous places on earth. Although the focus is different, the mission is the same and together TNF and Mercury one work hand in hand to help bless the lives of those in need around the world.

Be a Hero, Donate Today.


For any issues processing your donation, or to make a change to your monthly contribution, please contact us at 972-499-4747 or by email at questions@mercuryone.org.

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