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To liberate the captive, to free the enslaved, and to rescue, rebuild and restore the lives of Christians and other persecuted religious and ethnic minorities wherever and whenever they are in need.


During the ISIS reign of terror in the Middle East, the Nazarene symbol, or nūn (the letter that makes the “n” sound in Arabic), was painted on the homes of Christians to mark them for conversion, extortion and murder. While ISIS used the nūn to symbolize death, The Nazarene Fund took this symbol as our own. We rehabilitated it to mean life, hope, safety and freedom and not just to the Christians of this troubled region, but to all of the world’s persecuted people.


Since 2015, The Nazarene Fund has been a beacon of hope to those suffering in the darkness of slavery, persecution and despair. We are are a highly motivated and resourceful team of dedicated professionals and supporters with a bias for action who have committed to help those who have lost all hope. We go where others cannot or will not. Wherever there is persecution, we will bring kindness, comfort and support. Wherever there is slavery, we will bring liberation. Wherever hope has died, we will bring it back to life.


During our first two years, The Nazarene Fund was given the mandate to assist persecuted Christians and religious minorities in the Middle East – specifically those affected by the ISIS war. Although ISIS has been defeated in Iraq, the terror that permeated the region is far from gone. ISIS still controls large swaths of territory in Syria (about 6000 sq. km.). Some of its foreign fighters have returned home or traveled to other countries to spread its violent jihad, while others remain in an attempt to hold on to the diminished caliphate. Local fighters and sympathizers, still loyal to the ISIS cause, blended back into the population and continue to work on the terrorist organization’s behalf. The ISIS threat is still very real to the persecuted minorities of the region as well as to the thousands of captives and slaves under its control.

Adding another vile chapter to its dark history, ISIS and some of its former members are now involved in the international organ harvesting and trafficking markets. In the vacuum left by ISIS, new political players – some just as ruthless as its predecessor – have taken up the mantle of power. In addition, nation-states such as Iran are heavily involved in the area and are making the lives of Christians, Yazidis and other minorities there very difficult and dangerous.

The Nazarene Fund is committed to the continued support of the persecuted minorities of the Middle East by searching for and liberating captives, providing aid to those who remain in the area trying to maintain their lives and culture, and by evacuating and resettling those who cannot remain due to the threat of violence they face. We have also expanded our operations to Africa and Asia for the Christians there who are facing displacement, torture and death.

As our mission continues to evolve both internationally and at home, please continue to support all of The Nazarene Fund’s efforts by donating.


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