The Nazarene Fund Sends Our Condolences To Our Yazidi Brothers And Sisters

The Nazarene Fund sends our condolences to our Yazidi brothers and sisters.

On October 1, Baba Sheikh Khurto Hajji Ismail, the spiritual leader of the Yazidi faith passed away in Erbil Iraq. He was 87 years old.

Nobel Peace Prize laureate Nadia Murad described Baba Sheikh as a “beacon of light” during a dark chapter in the history of the Yazidi people. She also described Baba Sheikh as a leader who embodied Yazidi values of “wisdom, kindness and tolerance” who “led the community by example and treated Yazidi survivors with love and respect.”

The Nazarene Fund is committed to searching for and rescuing Yazidi women and children who are still missing. We will continue pushing forward and following Baba Sheikh’s example, we will continue trying to be a “beacon of light.”

#lovethyneighbor #tnf

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