The Story of the Sawa Family

The Story of the Sawa Family

Robert Sawa Chamoun, a Syrian Christian man who fled from the Syrian war with his wife and 3 kids. They are originally from Hasaka, but they had to leave everything behind and moved to Qameshli because of ISIS invasion. They lived near the Armenian street seeking a secure life, but in October 2019, Turkish army began pouring down bombs at the street they live in. Robert and his wife Bianka started to receive hate messages on their phones threatening to kill them and to torture their kids, stories of Christian getting kidnapped, tortured and killed by extremist were told. The family had to re-live the horrors again and decided to escape again after many houses were destroyed and the bombing got tenser, the kids were scared and crying, the family left in hurry along with almost all Christian families from this area. Their neighbor, Elias Isho told them about our team in Syria and we interfered to move them out safe from their homeland to stay with us in Iraq. The family stayed in the jungle with our team for 5 days trying to reach the borders, they slept in the car and in the desert, the 3 children Shamoun 9 years old, Anahet 6 Years old and Saliba 2 years old were terrified. The family had to dodge the Turkish bombing and their Militias, PKK and the Syrian army troops, these 5 days as Robert describe them were like hell. After 5 days of running and hiding we made it with them to the borders and managed hardly to keep them with the UN after crossing the borders.
We took the family out of the UN Base by the end of October and we provided them with everything they need, and a rented house in Zakho with furniture, food packages, and all needed living expenses

Robert and his family are very sad that they had to leave their home and their country but they are very grateful to us for saving him and his children from the horrible war in Syria and from the unknown destiny that they were expecting.

The Nazarene Fund was able to connect with them and bring the Sawa family out of harm and into safety. They are now together in their new home, employed and doing well. Thank you for all of your support in helping the Sawa family.

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