TNF Helps Christian Villagers Evacuate

Turkish forces have been targeting the Christian village of Sheranish and conducting airstrikes causing the inhabitants to flee for their lives. Sheranish is located in the Kurdistan region near Iraq’s border with Turkey and has been targeted by Turkish forces with ongoing military operations that have been devastating to this peaceful town.

Because of the violence and attacks, the Christian villagers that once inhabited this town have been forced to abandon their homes. One former resident, Amir Nissan said, “This is our village, the village of Sheranish. They set fire to all of our farms, and they bombed the area around the village, they even bombed the village. So we left the village and escaped.”

The Nazarene Fund is the only group helping these families as they leave their homes and leave behind almost everything they possess. The Nazarene Fund operators are on the ground working hard to keep these family safe as they work to rebuild a new life in a secure location.

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