Afaf and her family are Syrian Christians from Idlib who miraculously escaped extremist fighters who were storming their hometown. Her family was on the run fleeing rebels and the extremist regime’s draft. Afaf’s family home and neighborhood were completely destroyed. Often, Christian conscripts are sent to the most dangerous fronts and never return. Afaf’s son Bassam was forced to escape from Syria to Armenia, leaving his pregnant wife and the rest of his family behind. Luckily, the family was able to reach out to TNF and our team planned and executed a daring mission to reunite the entire family in a safe area.

TNF has responded and we have successfully reunited Bassam with his family and extracted the whole family to safety. After 6 years of not seeing his parents, 2 years of not seeing his wife, and having never met his daughter, Bassam and his family are safe and well.

Below are videos part 1 and 2 of the rescue of Afaf’s family.

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