Safehouse Rescue #1

Safehouse Rescue #1

TNF safe house number#1 holds 7 women who were kidnapped by ISIS and their children. They were raped by their captors and forced into marrying fighters. With them are their 15 children who are the offspring of the ISIS fighters. The families of the women and their community have completely rejected the children, and threatened […]

Toufik’s Story

Toufik's Story

The civil war in Syria took a heavy toll on Toufik and his family. Their home was hit by an artillery shell that almost killed him and his wife. The powerful blast also destroyed his liquor store, the family’s sole source of income. As soon as they began recovering from their severe injuries, Toufik started […]

Erdowan’s Rescue

Erdowan's Rescue

On the 4th of August, 2014, ISIS invaded the remote area of Mount Sinjar in Northern Iraq, home of the Yazidi community. Nine-year-old Erdowan was with his mother, sisters, and cousins on that fateful day when hordes of terrorists suddenly appeared. Like most of the terrified families, they attempted to flee the invaders by seeking […]

Maria Karo’s Family Rescue

Maria Karo's Family Rescue

Maria, her husband and their two children, once lived in the Syrian province of Idlib. Coming from a modest background, her husband Fawzi worked all kinds of labor-intensive jobs to provide a decent life for his family, while Maria stayed at home to take care of their children Farah and William. Shortly after the civil […]

Hanna’s Story

Hanna's Story

Hanna is a Christian man from Syria’s eastern province of al Hasaka. Born into a modest family of farmers, Hanna started working at an early age to help provide for his siblings. Life was difficult for his family but they were happy and lived peacefully until the civil war erupted in 2011. It wasn’t long […]

Rita’s Rescue

Rita's Rescue

Rita was born in 1976 to a Christian family from Central Syria. When she married George, the love of her life, she moved to the south of the country where he worked. Together they had three children: Roula, Elias, and Dalia. Little did Rita know that her new hometown was going to become a flashpoint […]

Rasha’s Story

Rasha's Story

Rasha once lived a peaceful life with her daughter in the southern Syrian city of Suwayda. Coming from a modest Christian background, her family experienced economic hardship, leading her husband to travel abroad and seek better opportunities to support his family. Rasha remained back home with her daughter not realizing that the peace they once […]

Samia’s Story

Samia's Story

Samia was born and raised in the Middle East. She has two sisters and three brothers. Tragedy struck Samia early in her life when at the age of six, her eldest brother Bassel began to sexually harass her. With time, her younger brother also picked up the same behavior and began to sexually harass her. […]

Karima’s Story

Karima's Story

Karima is a 28-year-old woman who was born in a large family consisting of five girls and seven boys in Yemen. Tragically, Karima and her sisters were constantly mistreated by their father and three of their brothers since childhood. They were abused, beaten, and sexually harassed. When their mother tried to stand up for the […]

Honein Family

Honein Family

Diana Hanna Honein Diana Hanna is a Christian woman from the town of Jisr al-Shughur in northwestern Syria. She is married to George Honein, a math teacher whom she met when she was still in college. By the time the couple had their first child in 2011, peaceful protests in Syria had turned violent, and […]

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