Our Covid Response

Our Covid Response

Delivers Aid to Persecuted Communities During Global Pandemic

With gloves on and masks secured, The Nazarene Fund’s operators are delivering aid to persecuted Christians and Yazidis in The Middle East as the COVID-19 virus spreads across the world.

Over the last few weeks, The Nazarene Fund has brought food and hygiene kits to over 1,000 families in Iraq.

We have also:
• Delivered food and cleaning products to elderly Christian refugees in Lebanon
• Disinfected churches and public buildings in Christian villages in Iraq
• Secured and supplied life-saving medication to refugees who can no longer afford or access it

“The situation is very bad,” says Middle East Operations Manager Jawad Abu Jaoude. “We have everyone from infants to elderly people. Most have no food, no medicine, and now no way to get either. They have no one but our guys to help them.”

Medical clinics and aid stations have been forced to close due to the virus and with social distancing requirements and transportation restrictions in place, delivering aid is also a challenge.

“We are delivering food packages on motorcycles and bicycles with trailers behind them,” says Abu Jaoude. “In some places transport by lorry is not allowed.” He adds, “we will do whatever it takes.”

In Iraq and Syria, years of persecution, war, and food scarcity not only have weakened most of the displaced communities, but they have also rendered them more vulnerable to COVID-19, as the virus appears to be more harmful to them than others.

Watch as the Nazarene Fund’s Founder Glenn Beck gives an update and asks you to join the fight.

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